Online Course: Create Your Profitable Online Teaching Passive Income Business. Share and Design Knowledge. The Basic Information Guide To Be An Impact. (English Edition)

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➜ Do you want to start your own online business?
➜ Do you want to build a solid base for your success?
➜ Do you want to learn how to teach?
➜ Do you want to stop selling your lifetime for money anymore?
➜ Do you search a book specifically about online video courses?


My name is Richard and I am in the online business for more than two years.

▶ This book is about your online education business foundation.


It will teach you everything you need to know about the principles of the video course business. It is the bedrock of your teaching business.


This book has no date of 2019 in the title, because you can use this information at any time!!!


Over the last two years, I collected a huge amount of information about online courses, ran my own online shop with my own information products for passive income and spent months by analyzing the video course business precisely.

I learned from others and gained my own experience.I put everything I collected inside of this one book, to give you anything you need, to build and complete your business base.


✧ ✧ ✧


You can use this book, if you want to upload your course on a platform and if you want to build your own website.

This book is for every beginner, who wants to start from scratch and for professionals, who want to expand their expertise.

The content is not just about the course business principles, but also about the different and detailed teaching techniques, the camera + audio equipment you need, the creation process of your personal masterplan and much more.




✓ You don’t need a business background!
✓ You don’t need to be an entrepreneur!
✓ You don’t need any academical background or a degree!
✓ You don’t need any social media presence!
✓ You don’t need to be a tech pro!
✓ You don’t need fancy skills!
✓ You don’t need to be a mystical being!


✏ You just need to start!


The only thing you really need to start, is the willpower to do it. Nothing else!


About The Author
1. Are Information Products Dead?
2. The Definition Of Online Courses
3. What Makes It Successful?
4. Why People Buy Free Stuff
5. Do You Need To Be An Expert?
6. Why Lifestyle Beats Passion
7. Make Dreams To Goals
8. Why Niches?
9. How To Find A Niche Where The Money Is
10. The Equipment
11. Are Online Courses The Only Products To Create?
12. Thank You


In this book I will share with YOU all my knowledge and experience to give YOU the real opportunity to build YOUR bulletproof foundation for YOUR whole business life.


It is time to say NO to fake gurus and YES to an experienced expert!

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